Underwords Press

Publishing Tomorrow's Fiction Today


UP logoUnderwords Press is a small press with a special focus on young adult science fiction and unconventional literary projects within the science fiction and fantasy fields.

Originally founded by Erin Underwood as a popular fiction book blog, Underwords has since evolved into a small press and formally changed its name in 2012 to Underwords Press. It is our mission to publish, promote, and develop short science fiction for young adults as well as other unconventional projects that may not otherwise find a way into the published annals of the literary world. Being a small and nimble press allows us the flexibility to take on projects that may not make sense for larger publishers. Therefore, many of our publications consist of titles that we believe should be published regardless of the return we expect to receive.

Our books are available through the standard publishing channels, including brick and mortar bookstores and online retailers. Please contact us for more information.

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