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Pop Fic Review
Pop Fic Review
Editors:Hannah Strom-Martin & Erin Underwood
Release Date:December 2011

Pop Fic Review

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We are pleased to announce the Table of Contents for the Pop Fic Review, which is scheduled for publication in early December 2011 though Underwords.

The number of submissions received was much higher than anticipated and included pieces from all members of the Stonecoast MFA community: faculty, current students and alumni. We also received a variety of genres ranging from poetry to fiction, to personal essays and plays as well as a wonderful selection of topics. Narrowing down the final selection felt like a blood-letting experience since many of our decisions were extremely difficult to make. However, we believe that this Table of Contents is a great combination of literature that nicely represents the quality and talent within the Stonecoast MFA community as a whole.

Please join us in congratulating the the contributors of the first edition of the Pop Fic Review. More updates on the Pop Fic Review will be coming soon.


Introduction, Hannah Strom-Martin and Erin Underwood
Painting the Air, James Patrick Kelly (fiction)*
Clockwork Companion, Elsa Colón (poem)
Call For Submissions, Matthew Quinn Martin and Libby Cudmore (fiction)*
Orbs, Jeff Kass (fiction)
Dragon’s Chalice, Michaela Roessner (poem)
Dinah, Matthew Quinn Martin (fiction)*
She Looks in a Mirror, Julia Gay (poem)
Child of the ’80s, Julie L. Martin (creative non fiction)
Listen, Elsa Colón (poem)
Siren, J M McDermott (fiction)
Hauling Them Home, Patricia Smith (poem)
Jockamo, Scott Wolven (fiction)*
Reruns, Jessica de Koninck (poem)
Family Secrets, Linda K. Sienkiewicz (fiction)*
Prepared, Sandra McDonald (fiction)
The Funhouse, Jessica de Koninck (poem)*
Acorns, Michael Kimball (play)
SOS Written on the Back of a Zombie, Paul Kirsch (fiction)*
In Security (Inanna Meets the TSA), AJ Luxton (poem)
Anarchy Becomes Electra, Ellen Neuborne (fiction)
Android Growth Process, AJ Luxton (poem)
Qin and Snake, Karen Bovenmyer (YA fiction)
Where’s Margaret?, Helen Peppe (personal essay)
The Exiles, Or Those Old English Vampires, Elsa Colón (poem)
Blood Gothic, Nancy Holder (fiction)*

*The Pop Fic Review is open to works of original literature as well as to pieces that have been previously published. Items noted with an asterisk (*) indicate that they have previously been published in other venues.

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